Friday, April 27, 2012

Sicilian Girl (My First Pencil Sketch)

I read a book that had my middle name/Grandmother’s name within it.  I took some of the pages out of that book that contained words that would signify me or my art and added it to this piece.  I circled the words I wanted to stand out.  This is my first pencil sketch.  Totally enjoyed doing it and really loved how it came out.  I’m looking forward to doing more pencil sketches and becoming better at it.

Sicilian Girl

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Need some help with some dream quotes to write along her hair.  :-/ 

There is a lot of glitter and shine on this page that you can’t see.  I’ll repost once the quotes are done.



Take a Victoria’S Secret Bag and add it to your art journal.  Or any of your favorite store’s bags, utilize them and add them to your pages.  Have Fun.


“Elegance” Mixed Media Art


Really enjoyed making this piece. 

My First Attempt to Mixed Media Art

I just started an art journal and while surfing through Pinterest, I found numerous tutorials on some mixed media art.  I loved the look and just had to try.  So here are my first few which I’ve just added to my art journal. 

IMG_2439 IMG_2447

IMG_2441 IMG_2455 I took the pants from this page out of a magazine and applied to my mixed media. 
I Also tore this one out and can’t wait to use these in something  IMG_2457